no integration and strict mode helps you revisit ideas with daily emails. And revisiting triggers you to take action, laugh, stay on track, and gives you energy.

In this post I tell you why doesn't have integrations (with X, or notion, or evernote etc.). You have to type your idea into the input box, or copy paste it there.

There are apps that make taking notes super easy, for example you can reply a "@someapp save" in X, then the original post will be saved.

That is not possible with I want to help you revisit ideas that are worth revisiting, if it's too easy to add an idea, you will end up with a lot of mediocre ideas, and lose the interest to check the reminder emails.

The small action to open app, type your idea, serves as a filter for really good ideas.

I even have a Strict Mode, where pasting is not allowed, you can only type.

You can enable it on account page:

Enjoy and try at