5 types of reminders in remiind.cc

remiind.cc helps you revisit your ideas with daily emails, so you have more chances to apply the ideas in your life. Check the website to know more.

Here are 5 types of reminders you can create.

1) A good idea

Find a good quote? Get some insights while reading? Learned something from a podcast? Have a bright idea during your morning walk?

Write it down in remiind.cc, it will remind you of these ideas randomly or regularly.

2) Upcoming events

Looking forward to a new movie? Waiting for your favorate band's concert?

Write it down in remiind.cc, and set the notification type to Dynamically. remiind.cc will email you this event monthly, then weekly, then daily.

3) Past events

Do you want to revisit some good memories? Maybe a lovely trip, or landed a great job, or the day you were together?

Write it down in remiind.cc, and set the notification type to Dynamically. You will get emails from now and then. Hopefully they will put a smile on your face.

4) Anniversary / birthday

Never miss an important date. Everyone's birthdays in the family (including your cats and dogs), your friends', the wedding day, and so on.

5) Death reminder

An important concept in stoicism, it helps to remind ourselves that we will die someday, our loved ones will also do (actually everyone on earth). So we will use our time wisely, and not have many regrets on the death bed.

BTW, 香菜(Xiangcai) is my cat. I set her life expectancy to 13 years (I hope she lives longer of course), and whenever her life passes 0.1%, remiind.cc will let me know.

What would you like to remind yourself? Try at remiind.cc