How I am using to revisit everything

I believe more and more, that revisiting really helps. This is how I am using

Things I need to do, but don't want to do now

For example, I know I need to get the driver license, but I just don't have enough motivation to do that. So I created a "Drive" reminder, which will remind me randomly every 1~8 days.

And after 20+ revists, I finally decided to do the preparation. Hope I will get the license soon!

Small todos

Things like, an interesting X post, a new podcast, return books to the library.

I have an album for these with a default notification, so that anything goes into this album will remind me randomly every 1~3 days.

If I only bookmark a X post, probably I will never read it again. But with these non-stop email reminders, I act on every todo, either do it, or delete it (a lot things are not actually interesting).

Upcoming events

A movie that I am looking forward to (Just watched Furiosa last night, great one!), an new album from a band I love etc.

I have another album for these, it has default reminder type Countdown, and default notification type Dynamically, so the nearer the event, the more reminders I get (monthly -> weekly -> daily).

My own decisions

After seeing several people suggesting that alcohol is bad and they quit drinking, I finally also decide to not drink anymore. I didn't drink much, occasionally a beer while dinner or a football match, so it's not a painful thing for me.

But still, it can be a bit hard sometimes. Especially now it's summer, and in Germany everyone has a bottle on the street (a bit exaggerated ๐Ÿ˜„). Some days the thought "A cold beer would be great" appear in my mind.

So I have a "No alcohol" reminder, which reaches my email inbox every 1~8 days, to constantly remind me "You decided this!". Until now it works well.

I remind myself every important thought this way.

A lot of ideas can be helpful to me, but if I forget them easily, they are nothing.

Revisit really works.

TBC ...