as a reminder to repost your best content

It's not enough to post your great work only once, your post is easily buried in the endless feeds.

You need to repost your work again and again, so people have more chances to see it, think about it.

GuruAnaerobic is doing a very good job, he reposts his PDFs from time to time. Every repost gets more views, likes, downloads, and purchases.

How to do it easily?

You can use a calendar to schedule it. But if you have 20+ posts scheduled, your calendar will look like a mess. to the rescue.

1) Create an album with a random default notification.

I set it to get reminder email randomly, every 21~39 days, so every reminder I create within this album will remind me this way.

2) Create a reminder for the post

See, the notification type is automatically set to 21~39 days. And remember to add the link to your post, so you can open the post easily when you get reminded.

3) Repost when you get the remind email

Based on your notification settings for the reminder, you will get an email when the day comes.

Click the link to open the post, then hit repost.

That's it. Try at