as a shopped list

Shopping list is common, but let's talk about shopped list.

Not sure about you, I sometimes buy stuff, that I only use once or twice, then it ends in storage room, collecting dusts.

I will only see it again when we do a home cleaning after months or years, and say "Haha, I have this!!"

Surprisingly, there are things that I will like again! But most of them, I throw them away, or sell on eBay.

Instead of waiting for months or years to deal with them, I started revisiting what I buy with Every time I buy a thing, which may have this fate, like a bag or a saw, I will add an item with a photo to the Bought album, and I will get a reminder email every 46~90 days.

I will deal with it when I see the email.

This is my settings for the album, create one if you feel the same.

Enjoy and try at