as a to-do-list

There are so many todo apps, can be another one ๐Ÿคช, which not only saves your todos, but also reminds you to do them. So you are more likely to do them.

This is how.

1) Create an album

Create an album with type Idea, and notification set to randomly every 1~3 days (You can change it to whatever you want of course).

2) Pin the album to home

So you can access it easily.

There it is:

3) Add to-dos to the album

Any time you need to do something, you can go to the TODO album, type in the text box, hit "Create". will remind you randomly every 1~3 days from now on. BTW, that 1~3 is only a default value, you can still change it when you create the todo.

4) Get reminded and do the to-dos

Everyday checks your to-dos, find the lucky ones, and send them to you.

These 2 are mine:

After you did it, you can hit the Archive this reminder link in the email, you will not be reminded anymore. Otherwise, will try to find another lucky day for you ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Try it yourself at