as upcoming events list

Question 1: What are you looking forward to?

A new movie? A new album from your favorate band? Trip to Italy? Meet an old friend?

These are all exciting.

Question 2: How do you remind yourself of these events?

Your calendar app can do the job, you will get a notification / an email on the event day (or several days earlier, depends on how you setup the event).

But the problem with calendar is, you only get reminded once, it could be a surprise. And if you have a lot of events, your calendar can become too full to read. can do it better. Here is how.

1) Create an album

Create an album, set the default reminder type to Upcoming events, the default notification type to Dynamically. So the nearer the event, the more reminders you get (monthly -> weekly -> daily). You won't forget the event, and have more time to prepare for it.

2) Create event within this album

The only thing you need to do is type the event, set the target date. will schedule the reminders, and emails to you dynamically.

Enjoy and try at