Spend $5 / month to build a full SaaS

I am building remiind.cc, random email reminder for your ideas.

All my tech stack is in AWS, this is my cost:

Around $5 / month.

To be clear, remiind.cc has < 100 users, and it's a simple web app. All I want to say is, it's cheap to start a SaaS.

This is my tech stack


  • reactjs as framework;

  • S3 to host static files;

  • CloudFront as CDN;

  • Route53 for domain name;


  • Lambda functions + API Gateway for API and cron jobs;

    • I use claudiajs to build and deploy the API;
  • DynamoDB for data storage;

  • S3 for file storage;

  • loops.so for email (I am still on the free plan).

I hope to pay more to AWS and loops, which means I will also earn more :)