6 types of notifications in remiind.cc

remiind.cc helps you revisit your ideas with daily emails, so you have more chances to apply the ideas in your life. Check the website to know more.

Check 5 types of reminders in remiind.cc first.

In this post I will walk you through 6 types of notifications in remiind.cc

1) Randomly

This is my favorate way to get notified. Every time remiind.cc schedules the next email for a reminder, it will pick a random day, based on the range you set.

In this example, it's randomly every 8~30 days, you can set it to anything between 1~90 days.

Randomness gives surprises, everyday you get a different set of ideas, especially when you create several reminders on the same day, you won't revisit them on the same day, this is fun.

Life needs some randomness.

2) Dynamically

This is for events that has an end date, like a upcoming event, or when you track the progress of something. The nearer the event, the more emails you get. Firstly every 70~90 days (to give it some randomness again), then monthly, then weekly, then daily.

Feel the excitement / pressure, and have time to prepare for it.

It also fits for past events (like your wedding day), only difference is, the event has a start date, so you will get less and less emails.

3) Percentage change

This is for events that have a start date and an end date, like a project, or this year progress. Whenever the progress changes X%, you will get an email.

You can track this year progress very easily, just click this link on the home screen:

4) Every X days

This is self explainable.

5) Every week

Easy to understand.

6) Every month

Also no need to explain.

Enjoy and try at remiind.cc